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“A Week in the Life…” got pushed back because of Happy 100!, and to be honest, all I can remember about last week was snow early on and a weekend jam-packed with visits to Grandma’s house and my parents, talking way too fast to my May bride&groom (“Its just something I do because I’m so excited…” I explain to Adam) during our pre-wedding meeting, a musical, and something about THE.BEST.DAY.EVER spent with my husband window-shopping, eating sugar cookies, swinging on the beach, and an impromptu manicure.

It’s Tuesday now– not like you wouldn’t know that or anything; but on Tuesdays, I change diapers, make lunches, cradle babies on my hip, play one of Spiderman’s nemeses (and yes, that’s the plural of nemesis– I just checked), make beds & fold laundry, create pretend campfires out of connectable race-tracks, and tell ghost stories at nap time while letting kids eat suckers. “And when the lunch-time scramble hit with a 15-month old crying for food, a 4-month old on my hip, and trying to drag a 2 year-old away the TV, I began chanting, “I’m a rockstar. I’m a rockstar. I can do this. I’m a freakin’ rockstar.
The house is quiet now, and I’m playing catch-up. Senior picture orders, boudoir album, e-mails, and the ever reliable “A Week in the Life…”

stars of the show:

Jake (Adam’s little brother) was able to perform for the first time with Adam’s older brother (who is graduating this year) on stage this past Saturday. After the show (and saying hi to Mom & Dad), Jake bypassed all the other relatives because he locked eyes with his big brother, Adam. And big brother Adam kinda rocks it out too (fourth row, second picture).

points of interest:

Early last week, a freak-snow storm hit (first row, second picture): giant, huge flakes fell slowly to the ground (but thankfully weren’t able to stick), while I texted my sisters in Florida and brother in California. They were, obviously, quite happy for me and misery (first row, third picture). 80s in March. Snow in April. That’s Pure Michigan.

Tuesday night, I had to opportunity to photograph the most recent graduating class of Aveda Douglas J Institute in Grand Rapids (second row, first picture). I couldn’t say no, well, because I’m forever indebted to one of the girls in the class for doing my hair for my personal boudoir shoot and wedding day (and my mid-20s crisis purple hair). These girls knew how to work the camera (not to mention a hoot to work with), and I’m excited to blog a few of their pictures later!
(second row, second picture) Kelle Hampton on the Today Show featuring her recently published memoir Bloom. You inspire me, girlfriend!
Do you think my clients would like me better if I sounded like YoYo from Hoops&YoYo (second row, fourth picture)? “Work it, baby!”
Aaaaand the last two rows dedicated to a beautiful weekend.

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I’ve got less than an hour before another KIMC (kid in my care) comes home from school and we head outside to play some mad hoops on the new driveway set-up. In the meantime, I think its time to dig out my book for these special, quiet occasions on days like these. ;P May your week be filled with finding happiness in the ordinary!


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