Without a doubt, weddings are my favorite things to photograph.  A pure excitement is present…in each and every smile and laugh, a moment of I can’t believe we just got married!  Everything is brand new, your wedding band bears no markings, and things are rightly just as they should be.  Two years ago today, I walked down a grassy aisle surrounded by our most intimate family; and I became a wife, a life-long partner, an intimate best friend.  Part of me wishes I could’ve bottled up the day to relive in its entirety.  But the excitement of our day has matured into a steady joy, a fulfilling peace, a long and deep breath of comfort.  Something that can only be brought with time, trials, new adventures: all between real lovers.

k. holly, 2011.  //  This picture, this moment is how I’m relive the pure joy.

Adam, thank you for loving me — with each of my flaws, my flaring temper, my need to be constantly romanced, my ambitions of becoming a cat-lady and renowned photographer simultaneously, my helpless indecisiveness, and my desires to renovate our home at 1AM.  You’ve shown me patience.  You’ve held me close.  You’ve made a consistent and passionate effort to learn me, love me.

I would have never imagined or dreamed up this life; but oh, to be living it.  A dream come true.

I love you.



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