“They say it’s hard because it *is* hard.”

In lieu of hashing over missed “a week in the life…”s, all my dividers today feature some of the better times amidst the great climb that’s we’ve been making over at our household the past few weeks.  I’ve spent the greater part of the afternoon churning out a blog post regarding my lack of personal posts lately.  And I really do mean churning, like the butter.  It’s been work and frustrating, and at one point, I crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

These past few weeks have been personally and professionally exhausting.  And the draft that’s still sitting there – unfinished – in the queue?  FULL OF WALLOWING.  I mean, there’s content  and truth, but underneath lie dust bunnies that are flat-out wallowing.  And I needed a kick swift to my hiney (which, even though if underlined red, is a properly spelled word).

Not that I’m condoning complaining, but I believe that as humans, we fail in life.  And I’ve had my moments days of floundering this summer — rolling around in my comfy duvet of my self-pity.  It’s always easier to talk about them after the fact rather than as we go through them, and professionally, its probably smarter just to take a little excerpt like this off the blog entirely.

But, Internet, I’ll have you know, I cried in the bathtub on more than one occasion while planning our guest list.  I also have forgotten that I had soup on low until my entire apartment was filled with smoke and the “soup” was black and crisped to the pan.  I also have criticized Adam’s way of cleaning the bathroom (I blame my father’s OCD tendencies in raising me, but I digress).  I used every excuse *in-the-book* during wedding planning to make three trips per week to Hobby Lobby.  And I cried after feeling bombarded by negativity in a thread on the Michigan photographers forum.

Whether or not it’s “professional” to tell the world when I’m sad, the valleys are just as much a part of me as the peaks.  The Ben & Jerry’s in my hand (okay, that’s actually a lie. I’m not a huge fan of ice-cream — hand over the bag of BBQ chips!)…just as much a part of me as my camera.  And honestly, I’d rather you know me as a friend (scribbling “BFFs” over our photo-booth picture strip) who shares similar human experiences than as “the photographer.”

And phewww, that little bit took a long time to write.  But it’s out there.  And I’m relieved, for the most part.  I’ve already asked Adam to remind my later when my “blogger’s remorse” kicks to know that it’s okay to jump…because the net will appear.  Always.

I’ll be back SUPER *bright*and*shiny* (pinky promise!) with a blog post that I am so excited for :: look for Kaitlin‘s country senior session tomorrow!



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