they danced all night and all the way home.

My wedding finale of 2013 was spectacularly spent with Kristen from K. Holly Photography celebrating Jennie and Jason’s love and marriage in Detroit, Michigan. These two lovelies were married at the breath-taking Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall. Their classic black and white wedding theme sparkled with both winter touches and a special love seen in Jennie’s smile and the way Jason adored it. After proclaiming their love to each other on a stage before their loved ones, everyone danced and parties to Mega 80’s band at the Max M. Fisher Music Center. If you’re looking for a good time, look no further!

This was my second time working with Kristen, and while normally Adam photographs our grooms getting ready, I was lucky to spend some time with the guys. There’s a calm in the air while shoes are tied and football plays in the background; a few chuckles, checking the time, and the clink of a glass of celebration.

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I arrived back just in time to catch Jennie getting into her dress! I love this shot of the bridesmaids already adoring Kristen’s captures of them getting ready.

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how absolutely perfect<3

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I quickly followed Jennie & Jason out into the foyer and caught these first few moments alone as husband and wife!

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…because its SO gorgeous, we spent quite a bit of time with the entire bridal party on stage!

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dreamy, dreamy.


Kristen and I swept Jason and Jennie away for some outdoor shots that you can see at Kristen’s blog. Instead, I opted to hold any off-camera lighting and help control the crowds of people where we went. As soon as we entered the Max M. Fisher Music Center, I picked up my camera for their grand entrance!

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These two are incredibly loved. They received loving – and hilarious, at times – toasts from many.

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How can you not have a party when you have a live band? Mega 80’s rocked the house!

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Thank you, Kristen, for bringing me along to help capture Jennie and Jason’s wedding. You two are so fun and so in love — it was such an incredibly fun night, and I wish you nothing but love and happiness and many dances in the life you create!<3


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