The Morton Family :: Seeley’s Six Months!

If you don’t like cute nakey baby buns (cough* don’t have a soul!), this probably isn’t the post for you.  HOWEVER, if you love babies with sweet elbow dimples and big-eyed smiles wearing cowboy hats and showing their cute baby bun, please (!) (!) continue scrolling. 🙂

Seeley turned 6 months old in February (if you haven’t been acquainted with this lovely family, be sure to here!), and I had the absolute pleasure of working with this little fella and his Mama and Daddy.  Themed sessions are so fun, but I appreciate them so much more when they have meaning behind them.  You see, Daddy originates from Texas, and Seeley’s country genes run deep. 😉

There’s so many things about this picture I adore.  His cute bun, his little side chub, and those sweet baby lips!

I fall to pieces here.  Those eyes!  Yes, Seeley, you can have whatever you want.
You want a horsey?  Okay, sure.  A unicorn?  YES.  THEY EXIST.

“Daddy!  You’re so silly!  That’s my hat!”

Bobby sure can make his little man laugh.  He just loves his Daddy!

But Mama?  Mama just takes the cake.  *sigh…

“You are my I Love You.”

Seeley loved the grass!  Such a fun, new texture…and into the mouth it goes! 😉


Seeley’s growing so quickly, and the way you cherish him is entirely endearing.
I just love you three!  I wish I could say I can’t wait until his one-year pictures, but keep him small while you can. 🙂

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  1. Joe Edie

    Beautiful pictures of a fantastic family but I would be remiss if I didn’t make 1 tiny correction. Daddy originated in Massachusetts, and that doesn’t shorten his country roots a single inch.


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