Image of a young couple taken by BG Photography Studios, who is a Shadowland Ballroom Wedding Photographer preferred vendor.

Theresa & Bob, a Shadowland Ballroom Wedding

Every shape and all the colours, all the love from all the lovers, never could express just what you mean to me.

Theresa and Bob’s wedding day had a timeless elegance to it. The unpredictable weather proved no match for their carefree attitudes — a conscious choice to savor every part of their day, rain clouds or no. They chose to forgo the customary wedding party, placing undivided attention on their love story. This decision not only heightened the intimacy of the occasion but also allowed the pure essence of their love to shine brightly, taking the spotlight without any distractions. We had ample time to document their love along the city streets and the shore together before making our way to Shadowland Ballroom where their friends and family eagerly awaited.

At the end of our portraits time, we made our way to Lake Michigan. I love walking with the couple amidst a crowd, applause and cheers fill the air, and heartfelt congratulations abound. It’s a true celebration, illustrating the immense joy people can feel for strangers. It showcases the inherent goodness of humanity in the most heartwarming way. 

Their reception kicked off with happy toasts, and the dance floor was a lively mix of babies and grandparents and every age in between– a delightful surprise even for me. I enjoyed capturing candids during this social time. The genuine happiness and sincere emotions expressed showcased the depth of their closest relationships, making those moments truly special.

Thank you for inviting me to be present for this most special day. I’ll remember it for always. 



Dress: Brides by Jessa
Suit: Nicholas Joseph
Invitations: Ivory Isle Designs
Floral: Graceful Blooms

A Shadowland Ballroom Wedding Photographer Preferred Vendor

As a preferred vendor for Shadowland Ballroom weddings, I embrace every opportunity to preserve timeless memories within this magical setting. From the heart of Downtown St. Joseph, MI to the unmatched beauty of Lake Michigan at Silver Beach County Park, there’s an abundance of unique locations to capture a couple’s wedding day moments, ensuring those memories will last a lifetime.


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