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Sometimes, I can’t start writing a blog until I nail down a title, and so I’ve been sitting here droopy-eyed but inspired by unheard songs found on Pandora this Fall morning.  Some might call it OCD, but I told Adam that I call it CDO because the letters should be in alphabetical order.  Then his just shakes his head like an eighty-year old man at some youngster doing tricks.

I’m mixing it up a bit on today’s blog because I attended a cousin’s wedding this weekend.  I still haven’t figured out the photographer at a “wedding you’re not photographing” etiquette.  I mean, I wasn’t all up and down the aisle and creeping around the sides, and all the other guests had their cameras out.  Their cameras being their iPhones, and I brought my Mark II with an 85mm lens, but still…young and in love ~ I couldn’t resist.  So me and my baby sat on the outside of the aisle catching a few shots here, but one of my favorites from the day :: sigh.

And now, a quick recap from our little home to yours:

* Two of my favorite things happened last Tuesday: newborn cuddles + Cracker Barrel dinner.  I’m a sucker for breakfast at any time of the day: as long as it includes toast, sausage links, and Earl Grey tea (row two, pictures one-three).
* Distance breaks my heart.  Adam and I FaceTimed with our nieces last Friday, and I about fell into a ball of emotions after we hung up (row three, picture four).  The 1,400 miles between me and them are driving me nuts (just like with my other two nephews who live in Florida).  But my gosh, the giggles, the excitement, THE ASKING ME WHEN WE WERE GONNA HAVE A TEA PARTY?!  It’s like watching the first part of Bambi.  Needless to say, we spent our date night dinner calculating costs for a special trip to have a cup of tea.
* Yep.  Me and my camera on Saturday trying to be polite (row four, picture one).
* In case the world didn’t know, Adam survived being married to me and I have been married a year!  We’re celebrating the “paper anniversary” with pictures taken by Bradley James Photography later this week, and well, that called for some shopping.  And lots of mall-food.  Pretzels, Chinese, and a personal-pan pizza courtesy of Target.  I don’t know what’s more exciting for me: the food or the clothes.  Or Adam in his new clothes.  He looks like a hunk.  😉

It’s the start of a new week, and I have a stack of paperwork and lots of hours making love to Lightroom from all our weddings from August.  As my mother would say as she used to blind me with morning sunbeams as she whipped up my dark-room shade, “It’s a Marvelous Monday!”

Make it a good one!



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