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In the last fifteen minutes, I’ve put clean sheets on the bed (sprinkled with fresh powder — something I promised [in my vows!] Adam I’d do), poured a cup of Sleepytime Extra tea, Googled the healthiest state in America (Michigan is tied for 30th — yikes), and arm-wrestled my husband (he won, but I did put up a good fight).  Just another night at the Burnett household.

Wedding season started this past Friday for me and Adam, and I just have to say, I AM POOPED.  I honestly forgot how much we ran around, wedged in funky positions to get the perfect shot of a toast, and spoke through a specially designed sign language.  Oh, and I forgot how I end up apologizing to Adam at least once for getting snappy (.like.a.boss.).

But I also forgot how much I LOVED IT (except that last part).  I’ll do a blog later this week with a preview of Danielle and Matt, but I was reminded why I love photographing weddings: the celebration, the sneaked looks of admiration the bride gives the groom during the ceremony, the camaraderie felt during toasts and all sorts of love felt throughout the room: parental, romantic, friendship.  I’ve never been happier to welcome wedding season.

stars of the show:

We are cat people (you’ve probably caught onto this if you’ve been following my blog).  I mean, we are ALL animal people, but our apartment allows two cats, and we’re fully booked.  The first cat we adopted from the shelter is our beautiful calico.  She may not have nine lives, but she has many identities: Attention Seeker (row one, picture one).  Any kind of food beggar — especially turkey sandwiches (row one, picture three).  7AM cuddle-bug (second row, third picture).  Secret agent hiding in laundry (second row, fourth picture).  Sassy-pants too, but she’s a little too dramatic to get her picture taken then.
Our family gathered Saturday evening to celebrate five years of life of my nephew, Noah (third row, third picture).  I still like to brag about being the first one to hold him that May day in 2007.  Happy Birthday to the joy-boy of the family!
Adam and I have been married for almost a year now, and we are frequented with, “So, when are you two having kids?”  Even more so when my husband is the baby whisperer (third row, fourth picture).  Its endearing and actually amazingly attractive, and then I have to keep reminding myself how I like to sleep in until 11AM.  

points of interest:

Camera gear just gets me excited (third row, picture one).  Cleaning lenses and clearing memory cards and packing our bags for our wedding Friday evening :: ADDICTION.  
Saturday morning breakfast of champions (third row, picture two).  It wasn’t even morning when we bought them.  We woke up at noon, dressed hoodies so people couldn’t recognize us, and completely invaded the Meijer bakery.  Hallelujah for sprinkles.

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This week on the blog:  a sneak peek from Friday’s wedding and the final installment of my seniors!  And yes, I’ve started planning a(n imaginary) ten-year-renewal of vows for Adam and me.  I just can’t help it.

In other news, I have a one week trial of Hulu-Plus solely for the purpose of watching season 8 of The Office with Adam, and we are watching every.chance.we.get. — which is coincidentally…NOW.  Toodles!  (<-- Seriously?  Who says that?)


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