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I like adding things to my to-do list that should already be a given to anyone’s routine.  Crossing off extra things (“Shower.  Load dishwasher.  Put on real pants.”) no matter how mundane make me feel like I pretended worked hard today.  I was pumped when I crossed off “Package and ship orders.  Finish contracts.  Deposit checks.  Get groceries.”  But then when I realized I failed to ever get around to putting on real pants today, I kind of felt like a loser.

But, hey, at least I’m not blogging in my underwear.

stars of the show:

My nephew Landon is a second-grader; and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he gets extra time after lunch to practice for a walk-a-thon.  Last Wednesday, he got to pick a special person (*ahem*) to walk with him (second row, second picture).  Bonus cool points to Uncle Adam who installed a cool app on my phone to track our walk and tell us how fast we were going!
Once you graduate college (or high-school), your group of friends kind of disperses.  And you can’t run down the hall to your girlfriend to complain about boy problems or spontaneously watch hours and hours of Sex & the City.  So, when the chance to organize a Girls’ Night (third row, first picture) presented itself, I threw myself in.  Girls did not disappoint!  And the eight of us talked babies, houses, marriage, jobs, and memories– with a heaping cup of hilarity (which may or may not have included one of us spilling a glass of water on her lap).
Our kitties are frequently called the babies.  And the babies love the warm weather and rolling around on the cement outside our apartment (fourth row, first picture).  Love our calico and her miss priss attitude.  “I’m working on my tan, Mom.  Where are your ferns to fan me?”

points of interest:

If you read last week’s post, you’d remember my mantra: “I’m a rockstar. I’m a rockstar. I can do this. I’m a freakin’ rockstar.”  The first four pictures inspired the mantra.  And man, did we ever rock-it-out. 
Look for this gorgeous girl (second row, third picture) and the rest of her class from Douglas J Aveda Institute later this week! 🙂
4:30AM Saturday morning.  I could hear the bird in my dreams.  But the chirping was getting louder and louder, until I realized 1) birds aren’t that annoying and 2) the chirping was inside the apartment.  I go into panic attack mode (I was awaken from my sweet dreams after all…) while Adam swears and swiss-army knifes it out of the ceiling fixes the chirping.  And still it hangs: dismantled wires and all (third row, second picture). 
We stopped out to eat on Saturday just because we needed to get out of the house.  Two Jimmy John’s sub-sandwiches plus a quick look on my phone calendar (and an “oh heeey!”) made it our official eighth month anniversary dinner (third row, fourth picture).  Still feels like a sleepover with my best-friend every night.  I hope it never changes, Sweetheart.

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Holy long blog post.  I think its time for tea and one of those donuts I just had to have! from Meijer.  Portrait blog post coming soon…and what’s that?  18 DAYS UNTIL THE FIRST WEDDING OF THE SEASON. 🙂


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