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The week always seems different in retrospect. During the moments~ The moment when my favorite teacup broke and I sat on the kitchen floor crying. The moment when I felt like a terrible wife because I couldn’t live up to my own expectations of super-wife. The moment of shock when I won $20 off a scratch-off ticket. The moment of relief as my thoughts, doubts, and cares over-spilled to a listening friend. The moment where I tried to check out books on the Holocaust, but felt like I was going to get sick if I stayed in the aisle one more minute.
The moment when I realize all those moments and many more added up to a week, and here I sit once again on the brink of another one. I’m amazed how many moments and emotions are real and relevant and defining, but time doesn’t ever stop to honor them. To let them marinate. But maybe its meant to be that way~ God’s way of helping us crawl through the rough patches and cleave to the seasons of goodness.
That’s been my thinking lately. I normally can logically find peace in the grey areas. But I want so badly to either see black or see white. To find truth in one or the other. I’m begging to discover harmony again.
But for today, I live intentionally. Recognizing that grey does still exist. And it too can be beautiful. It has to be.
stars of the show:
my nephews. cute and cuddly~ and imaginative to boot. i feature them just about every week, and i think that a random visitor might think they’re mine. not that i wouldn’t claim them. because i have. and i do. everytime. and proudly.
steph~ she might only be in just the one picture because we met for maybe one hour one day this week, but was my friend. and i find true friendship such a rarity lately. she listened. intentionally listened as i fell apart in front of her. and her acceptance that this was okay was what i needed during the Sadness. i still feel the sunbeams from that day.
hubby looking all fine in his cardigan. and just being him. we’ll be married 6 months this tuesday, and it feels like forever already. not a bad thing, folks. i picked a good one. you know how i know? i convinced him to take a nap with me on the floor in front of the slider so i could feel the sunshine on my face (last row, third picture from left). he asked no questions, just snuggled me under the sun.
points of interest:
i saw The Vow a week ago, and it was aaaall-right (i really only had a problem with the title…expecting vows to be kept and all, but that’s another point… 😉 ), but the preview for The Lucky One showed before the movie, and i’m all like, “zac efron!” “nicholas sparks!” “make-out scene!” i’m a book worm, so yes, i walked out of the library with book in hand (amongst others).
every now and then, adam and i purchase a couple scratch-off tickets, and adam offered to buy me a few to cheer me up after losing a potential client that i was really excited about. you never really expect to win, but WE TOTALLY DID. i’m rich(er)~ $20 dolla holla!
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I’m really, really excited for these next few weeks because I get to feature a boudoir session, baby Charlie, and Tracie and Nathan on the blog! I’ll be stretching out the sessions with sneak peeks and all though, because all the excitement can’t be over in one week (and I can’t finish editing it all by then anyways ;P).

Books are calling me and I’m so nerdy that I’m going to go buy a notebook to take notes of my favorite quotes (I miss college.). I leave you with this by one of my favorites…



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