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53 days later, and I still can’t get my password correct on the first try. Dumb hackers. But my land, it does show how routine rules my days.

I’m not sure why I started to do these weekly blogs on Sunday when Mondays are my catch-up days. For most people, they wind down on Friday and restore their energy for a new week. On a normal Friday afternoon, you’ll find me running last-minute errands, hurriedly checking off my mental to-do list, attempting a perfect homecoming for my husband. Normally, I’m mid-laundry-cycle and am half-dressed by the time he comes home (which the latter, I’m sure he doesn’t mind); but ever since he’s been physically absent during the week, I want the weekend to be ours. And we make it so with routine Saturday morning breakfasts and spontaneous house-hunting trips. But by the end of our weekend, I’ve sucked the last bit of marrow, and I’m exhausted. Mondays are mine to enjoy…slowly. With breakfast consisting of hot tea and an english muffin and my latest read, answering client e-mails with extra enthusiasm, and running out of the apartment like a bat out of hell to enjoy some sunshine and another attempt to rid myself of this cold.
Maybe these updates might shift a day or two in the week, which probably doesn’t matter much right now, but in 4 weeks from this Friday: FIRST WEDDING OF THE SEASON, BABY. I’m beyond excited for a wedding at one of my favorite venues (and the sister barn of where Adam and myself were wed), The Blue Dress Barn.
But I digress.
stars of the show:

adam is a rockstar when it comes to making me feel better. whether its flowers (helloooo, gorgeous flowers row 1, picture 2) or taking afternoon naps (row 2, picture 2), or making me get my butt out of the tissue-infested house (i went through 2 150 count boxes in almost 4 days), he knows what i need when i need it. and i love him (and his silly self: row 3, picture 2) all the more for it.

points of interest:

i’d like to very humbly and graciously point out ROW TWO, PICTURE ONE. BRIDAL PACKETS MADE BY YOURS TRULY. oh, my sweet brides. these packets contain information and goodies i wish i would’ve known (or did, thankfully) on my special day to make it even smoother. y’all get one as your wedding date approaches (i felt like a grandma mixed with paula deen there with the “y’all” trying to calm down crazy reaching brides- as if you’re that excited), so don’t worry!

“bloom where you are planted.” row three, picture one. i’ve followed kelle hampton‘s blog for years, and when i heard she was publishing a book (and offering incentives on said pre-orders), i clicked “add to cart” on amazon.com faster than…than…okay, i did it pretty quickly. while on the outside, nothing in our life seems related: she is a mother of two children, one of which has down syndrome (on which the book is primarily about) who lives in florida and always dreamed of being a teacher and having lots of babies. hardly relative to my life. but, i laughed. and oh, good Lord, i cried. and she met me in a place where i desperately needed to be met emotionally. and i’m so thankful for that.
beach shell from my sweet niece in florida. now every-time i get in my car, i close my eyes and let the sun warm my face and desperately wish i was on my way to her house to spend the day having tea parties and playing with dollies.
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I never did win the big Adorama give-away, and I’m okay with that because I am learning that right here and right now is mine to grab and take ahold of. To make beautiful and memorable.

And part of that, my responsibility, is designing this boudoir album for a bride who is making her marriage beautiful and memorable – purposeful with this gift to her new husband.

Happy Monday!
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver


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