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P.S. 1AM still constitutes as Sunday in my crazy sleep schedule, so we’re marking this blog post as “on time.”

Ebb and flow. Its normal, I’m sure, as we go on with our lives while cultivating relationships, pursing hobbies, making choices on the whim. But, lately, I’ve felt the ebb. The pull. This gripping sense of urgency and an overwhelming realization of wow~ so this is life right now. So, I did what any sensible person would do. I dug my feet in, held my ground, and pulled right back. In fact, I ended up pulling my husband along too…and we packed our bags, drove away, and prayed for the flow.
stars of the show:
hubby&myself. this week’s pictures features us. nurturing us, feeding our relationship. arguing with fierce emotion. making up with just the same. taking naps and tickling fights. laughing so hard our bellies ache. learning to just be together…and that is always enough.
points of interest:
CHICAGO. if you couldn’t gather that from the sky scrapers. night lights. downtown apartments a vintage gal like me could only dream of. groupon featured a coupon last october for a king suite, and we jumped on the opportunity for a deluxe stay in the windy city. we felt the ebb and ran like hell to get away to feel the flow. and it.was.wonderful.
my quilt! 4 months later, and i feel officially domesticated. and the SHIIIIZ! it totally didn’t turn out how i envisioned it, and i’m sure an expert quilter (word? yes?) would say its completely wrong (in fact, the lady at joann’s did). but, obviously from the way they cuddle with this quilt~ the babies approve. and i sure do too.
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If the snow will stay (please, please, please!), an engaged couple will be very happy (fingers crossed this Thursday)~ and baby Charlie may just be making a debut later this week too. 🙂

New week. New start. I can already envision the explosion of pink streamers, red balloons, heart balloons, uncorked wine. Basically an explosion of love. I’m playing for the love team this year (phew!), so I’m not minding it too much. But you know, it’s not too hard to get on this love team. Because tomorrow, I’m lovin’ on my husband. My nephews. My mama. and my daddy. And you better believe ~all you “you post too many pictures of your cats” people~ I’ll be lovin’ on my kitty-cats. 🙂


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