Perfect brides, saying “I do” to Pinterest, and rocking the photobooths.

We’ve comfortably settled back into our routine after being absent from home for the past week and a half.  Ever reach the end of a week and can’t remember what even happened?  I know I was busy last week with meeting this weekend’s bride and making trips back home to feed the kitties and traveling across state to meet Kelly Hampton — but besides those few bits & pieces, where did the time go?   I’m putting my money that it went to the place of lost socks, hair-ties, and bobby pins.


A huge hootin’ and hollerin’ *thankyou* to my sweet husband for working hours on installing all my photo software on my laptop and researching equipment for the Mark II this past week (row one, picture three).  
My dear friend and I spent an afternoon together at the pool (albeit, not in it : notice how she’d snuggled under a towel?) talking and laughing and eating delicious Oreos.  Tommy-cat heard us giggling all the way from his hide-out in the woods and had to join in on the fun (row two, picture three).
There are a select few women in my life whom I look up to :: each for their own separate reasons.  Kelle Hampton is one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met (row three, picture three).  I’ve read her blog for two years and her book brought me to tears.  Could she honestly be as wonderful in real life as her blog makes her out to be?  ABSOLUTELY.  She’s genuine and down-to-earth and I’m so thankful to have met her.  *and thank you to Adam for driving the three hours there and three hours back ~ I love you!*


I’ve been looking forward to Tracie & Nathan’s wedding ever since our consultation last winter.  When we met this past week, she handed me one of her invitations (OH.MY.GOSH :: in love!)(row two, picture two) and we talked details for Saturday.  The two of us have always clicked, and this weekend sounds like sheer perfection.  Golf greens, sunny and warm, a first look, and our own golf cart!  I can’t wait!
There’s no denying my love of Pinterest.  You can frequently find me pinning Style and For the Home projects.  I love to pin.  And then I realize I have a bajillion pins (spent by hours clicking “repin”) and none of the projects done.  It was time for me to commit.  Thank the Lord for best friends like Karra that drag my butt to Hobby Lobby and get us going on these fancy bracelets (row two, picture four).  It actually turned out pretty cute and useful for girls with small wrists like myself.  😉
I love a good photobooth session.  On the iMac, in the mall, AT WEDDINGS (row four, picture four).  Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with Emily Rae again, and even though I was missing my real photobooth partner, I handed her prop after prop and she obliged my requests for photostrips.  Thanks, girl!  

*(Instagram is a free app for iPhones (and now Androids!) that features various filters that are easy-to-use and make posting to Twitter, Facebook, and my blog (with the help of a personally-made Photoshop template), easy-peasy! You can follow me @brennigan)

I’ve completely rocked my inbox’s world this morning (not to mention pumping out behind the scenes work :: expense spreadsheets & packaging materials), and I’m feeling optimistic about this week on the blogging world.  A little wedding action, a little portraiture, and a helluva lot of underlying excitement for this weekend’s wedding!


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