Officially Autumn & a head start on “I’m thankful for…”


All right.  Now, with that out of the way, let’s continue.  I thought the longer I waited to write this post, the more inspired I’d be.  Unfortunately, as time passed (starting yesterday morning), the more my motivation waned, and all I want to do it go outside on my quilts and read a book.  Or paint on my new canvases.  The busiest of wedding season wrapped up very neatly this past weekend, and I’ve been rewarding myself with guilt-free (almost) naps and spending my days in pajama pants (plaid, of course).

Last week was one of the fastest, craziest, and busiest of weeks.  To be concise, it included: fighting, complaining, worrying excessively, making up, working, holding grudges, and being really, really tired.  But, I digress.

Let’s rephrase:

Last week was one of the fastest, craziest, yet most loveliest of weeks.  What am I thankful for?

* Our biggest blessing last week was working with Brad & Sam of Bradley James Photography.  I had planned for months for our photo-shoot and shopped for hours upon end for our outfits and tiniest details trying to find the best deals.  I know it sounds silly, but I had to have the perfect pair of shoes (row one, picture one; and the cashier gave me a discount!), the essential hand-made-with-love details (row two, picture one), and God-given sunshine (row two, picture two).    EVERYTHING — right down to the golden sunbeams peeking out near the end of our session — worked out perfectly amidst the mid-week breakdown, the rising anxiety, and the hot-glue burns and twine strands strewn across the floor.  And even better, we made new friends who seem to see eye-to-eye with us on business and personal levels.  Perfectly timed, God.  Thank you.
* “Thank you” notes (row two, picture three) :: a senior with the most beautiful, fun hand-writing crafted a beautiful note I received in the midst of last week and helped me feel important when I felt overwhelmed.  People like you keep me going.  Thank YOU.
* Adam and I have been rocking the iPhone 3Gs for over two years.  Cracked screens, scratches, and BLECH about summed up the look of my phone.  Although the transition process (we switched carriers as well) put me all in a twitter, we now own the iPhone 5 (row three, picture one), and the difference like comparing apples to oranges.  Astounding.  Thankful.
* We had almost an entire hour to photograph last weekend’s couple.  That meant we went to multiple locations and were able to pose them in a variety of ways, yet also have time just for the four of us to be silly (row four, picture one).

These weekly beginning posts might just be for me but making an conscious effort to find blessings makes me smile and realize that life is here.  Life is now.  And I’m to enjoy myself.  Because this might be the oldest I’ve ever been, but its the youngest I’ll ever be.  And its days like today where I’ll look back and say those were the good ‘ole days.

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  1. Stephanie

    I LOVE those purple shoes! And I am totally jealous of the naps. 😉 I’m learning that “Life is now” too; let’s enjoy the ride. Hope you are having a great week, friend!


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