new babies, cozy quilts, and a case of the Mondays.

I read a chapter from Shauna Niequist’s Cold Tangerines comparing summer to winter in Grand Rapids, and I thought I could accurately empathize with her, what with living here the past six years and all.  It wasn’t until I stumbled out of the house this morning to a dreary sky and a forecast of thunderstorms plastered against the memories of yesterday that had her sentences jumping out of the page and me falling into a funk.  So much so that I dropped the entire contents of my purse onto the bank’s floor causing one of those scenes where everyone is scrambling to help, and I’m mumbling “thank you”s in between thinking “I’m mortified” …while noticing I’m wearing the exact outfit I’ve worn to the bank two times in a row.

Since this morning’s incident, I’ve confined myself to the house for an editing party (whooo, Pandora and cats!) complete with re-heating my green tea every 37 minutes to keep it piping hot in an effort to soothe (and strike out) this scratchy throat that made its debut appearance — OH YEAH, TODAY.  MONDAY.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that blessings abound even in the dreariest of circumstances.  So, let me appease my heart and dive right into a week in the life.


Finally, out-of-nowhere and after days of searching, we were offered this precious gift.  Adam and I drove and got lost and happily met with Lynell while she handed over what we’d been anticipating for so long.  And we are so happy with our new addition: hello, sweet 70-200mm f/2.8 IS (row four, picture one).  Mama is glad to hold you.
I have four nieces & nephews living miles and miles away, and while I can’t snuggle them and play tea-party and race cars, I can send happy Fall packages with books and stickers and fun goodies.  Because I’m 23, and I still adore getting snail mail.  Being 5 and having a package addressed to me?  HOLLA’!  I loved having my sister picture text step-by-step as they opened and played (row two, picture two).  Its not the same as real hugs and play-time, but I just don’t want them to forget that even states and climates away, they have an aunt and uncle who think of them often and love them with all their hearts.
The week after returning from a long vacation doubles the work no matter how much you try to get ahead before leaving (row one, picture one-three and row two, picture one).  E-mails waiting to be returned, a zillion loads of laundry (especially since we were camping), and finding motivation to get back to work while day-dreaming about memories made.  A perk?  The babies waiting for us are extra lovey (row three, picture one). Attentive to your every move (row two, picture three).  And even interested, annoyingly so, in your work (row three, picture three). 


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Monday, I’m letting you off the hook.  Let’s try this whole “starting the week on the right foot” again…after my nap.  😉


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