Michella + Joe :: Southwest Michigan Lakeside Engagement

Michella and Joe’s lakeside wedding is only a week away, and I’m thrilled to feature their engagement on the blog this evening!  Adam and I drove from Grand Rapids to St. Joseph for their session because they wanted to document their love at a place that would always hold meaning in their hearts.  We started at the John and DeDe Howard Recreation Trail that winds and curves between the railroad tracks and the waters of Lake Michigan.  The footsteps they’ve walked here will be remembered forever…after all, this is where Joe asked Michella to be his wife. <3

Michella!  You are stunning; what a beautiful bride you will be!

I adore the juxtaposition of Joe’s tender kiss and emotion with the hardiness of his working hands.
He will provide for you, Michella; but he will tenderly love you all the while.

Joe sweetly pulling in his bride-to-be for a little play and tickling.

In their sneak peek, I talked of how the sun can be a photographer’s friend or foe.  The night of their engagement however, the sun, moon, Canon, and this lovely couple all collided together to create one of my favorite lakeside sessions!

…and here is where I freaked out because Joe looks just like Bob from The Biggest Loser…!  And the beauty just continued to increase.

hello, love.<3

Adam captured this moment of serenity between Joe and Michella.
I adore the comfortability of their love: the ability to be true and honest while maintaining romance and intimacy.


You two are lovely, and so was your session!  Adam and I are completely ecstatic to photograph your wedding day along these same shores…where you will express your love,  declare your vows, and finally become man and wife.



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