Michella + Joe :: Engagement Sneak Peek!

Sometimes, beaches can be a little intimidating for a photographer.  Yeah –WHOA, CONFESSION.  With little cover, we can sometimes be left with harsh light: leaving faces half in shadows or sometimes your entire client in a black fog of silhouette.  But after a while (and a little praying, correct timing, and lots of learning about your camera), your sworn enemy can become your best friend.  And my friends, the sun and I created a BFF handshake because now we are besties.

Adam and I met with Michella and Joe in St. Joseph, Michigan, to walk to paths and relive where Joe had proposed months before.  Now, with only three weeks left before their wedding, the four of us relished in the joy of marriage and love.  Wedding planning can be difficult, but I love this time I have with my clients simply to be.  And my prayer is that as I’m shouting out silly commands or posing all up in yo’ man, that their eyes will meet, and they’ll remember their love.  They’ll smile and know that love is worth it.

Many more to come, but I’m in a love affair with this picture.  ALMOST, might’ve made it my background (didn’t, however).  Adam and I had such a fun time with the both of you, and I can’t wait to blog the rest of our evening!


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