Marisa + Clint :: Country Grand Rapids Engagement

I like to meet potential clients in person before booking weddings.  I love to see them gaze at each other as they re-tell their engagement story for the 80th time and watch their mannerisms towards each other.  You gain a connection with this initial face-to-face meeting.  Not to mention hugs.  I’m a big hugger.  Marisa and I spoke through e-mail for a while, but booked her and Clint’s wedding day over the phone since they live in Tennessee.  Our first meeting was on January 1st for their engagement session, and for those of you who don’t believe in love at first sight…let me introduce you to Marisa and Clint.

Their session was an equivalent to the best first date ever.  They made us laugh, sigh in admiration, oooh over their love, and had us eager for a second date.

In all seriousness, Marisa and Clint’s love for each other is evident within the first few minutes of meeting them.  His constant attention to make sure she is happy, her lovely smile that never once left her face.  The silly jokes, the sweet pet names.  I felt like the luckiest photographer in the world.  I always do when I’m blessed to photograph two people who are so real and truly in love.

A little behind-the-scenes action to break the ice before getting down to business. : )

In their sneak peek, I mentioned that Clint is from Texas, and their cowboy(girl) boots were the perfect accessories to their outfits!

Hardly a screen-capture where he doesn’t put that gorgeous smile on her face. : )

*so beautiful.

Are you in love with them yet?

Just a little place to get warm & cozy during our 20-degree session.

and how cute is her ruffle coat?!

sweet, soft snowflakes on their nose and eyelashes.

If you haven’t taken our multiple hints, we kind of – maybe – sorta like you a lot.  July can’t come soon enough!



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