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When Austin mentioned wanting a spring session with her mom Cindy, I sat in disbelief at the computer wondering why I didn’t think of something like that for me and MY mama yet!  A mother and daughter relationship is beautiful; and one woven delicately with strands of friendship yet respect and authority is the ultimate gift that I believe Austin and Cindy share and truly cherish.

Of course, when Austin and I planned dates for this session, we definitely thought it’d be more spring — instead, we were given cloudy skies, temperatures in the 40s, and short flower bulbs pleading for sun.  But I’ve found there’s something warm (whether in heart or environment) about just being with those whom you love.  We ended up with a beautiful (and very fun!) session, and I’m so pleased with how these turned out.

Enjoy the highlight of Austin and Cindy’s session!

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  I don’t always bring out this lens, but OH! when the mood fits! (Canon 16-35mm 2.8L II)

I could be mistaken (but probably not, as my husband knows 😉 ), but this is a frame-r FOR SURE!

They coordinated their outfits beautifully.  Nothing too matching, but tones and colors that compliment not only each other’s outfit but them as well.
I love how they can make each other laugh!

Sometimes telling my clients to “fake laugh,” can seem awkward at first, but can definitely turn into a fit of the giggles.  But let me tell you — you can’t fake this!

We were just about finished with our session when I finally noticed their one matching quality — shoes!  Ah, loved it!  Just had to take a quick snap of those bows.
I adore a cute pair of flats.

Austin and Cindy, it was truly a pleasure!  Your bond is beautiful and a treasure, truly.  I pray the memories we made during this session through photographs help cement the relationship you’ve been building together for years.  And thank you for inspiring me to have a session with my Mama! 🙂


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