MAJOR hauntings, intentional breaks, and the start of birthday week.

We’ve taken intentional breaks throughout the day.  Singing into the hairbrush my new favorite song on repeat.  Extra snuggles in bed.  Another “The Office” episode just for more giggles.  10 more minutes in the comforting steam of a late morning shower.  I’m normally a careful planner, but I planned much too much for 7 days (two consultations, four sessions, and three orders/galleries amidst birthday parties and everyday life).  So after a week like last, I’m still nursing my head-cold and am ready for breaks.  The slow transition of Fall into Winter and holing up for holidays with my tiny family.

Speaking of holidays…   *Birthday week officially begins T.O.D.A.Y!  And with some new-founded paid-time off, I’m searching for an impromptu getaway amidst wediting (wedding editing* = why can’t I be that clever to come up with something like this?).

B&B?  Chicago?  FIGI?!


Mr. Dussington (row two, picture one) informing me to take a much-needed break the only way he knows how: physical intervention.
I’m not the only one over-doing it these days.  Adam is working long hour and with his commute, he’s ready for bed soon after dinner.  I insist on him going to bed, but he prefers to stay out by me on the couch while I edit.  I look over every now and then to see if he’s dozed off, but he’s getting pretty good at pretending he’s awake (row two, picture two).
My nephew turned nine this past week, and we all celebrated this past Saturday (row four, picture one).  A last year of double digits for my firstborn, and I can’t believe how old he looks! 


All last week, I had a Temple Run addiction.  It’s an App for the iPhone, and it allowed me to completely turn off my brain.  Apparently, some people thought I had a problem (row one, picture three).
THIS week, we welcomed TWINS into our Canon family :: two 580 EXIIs (row three, picture one).  A much needed upgrade for dark(er) venues and receptions.  Happy photographers.  Happy clients!
I’m not a scary-movie kinda girl.  Signs scared me.  The Village still scares me.  So, we opted for something a little less scary this Halloween: Casper (row four, picture four).  I mean, he’s friendly, he’s got pretty blue eyes, and he’s a major hottie when he turns into his human self for that one dance at the end of the 1995 movie.  

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May my Mid-west friends stay cozy, and my East Coast friends stay safe this week.  Check back tomorrow for an engagement sneak peek! 🙂  Happy Monday!

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  1. Carrie

    Why is South Dakota not on this list? lol Those rolls look AH. MAY. ZING.


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