Lizzy + Greg :: Grand Rapids Engagement

I normally meet with each and every bride before booking to hear their wedding vision, observe how they talk and interact, and see if we will interact socially to allow my photographing them to be a success.  While Lizzy and I couldn’t get our schedules to sync, we DID spent a little over an hour on the phone chatting about life, love, and everything wedding.  The only thing that ended up stopping us was the dinner I had prepared finally dinged.  And I believe our relationship had “dinged” also.

These two lovelies are sharing nuptials in a more country setting; and coming from Southwest Michigan, they both agreed they’d like a more urban environment for their engagement session.  Adam and I liked them from the start.  Lizzy is beautiful, bubbly, and fun — contagiously so.  And Greg is strong and handsome — perfectly complementing his soon to be bride.  I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as we do!

We began our session outside of the Grand Rapids Art Museum.  While these first few poses can be awkward for those who aren’t used to getting their picture taken, I was surprised how easily they fell into the environment like it was their own and some of my favorite images from the session ensued.

I prefer Lizzy and Greg like this.  You’d never know they were going for…

…THIS, right?  Smokin’!


You might recognize this next one from their sneak peek blog post.  I love this image so much, I converted it into black and white.  It added an entirely new dimension and many more reasons for me to love them!

 You never know what you can find in the city unless you just go on an adventure.  While we consider ourselves “Grand Rapids Photographers,” there’s plenty of the city we’ve never seen.  We tell each our clients that our session will be an adventure — and it always is. 🙂

Heart!  Stop being so adorable!
Wait! No!  The camera loves you too much!

Real, unbridled laughter and smiles.

You said you two were from the country?  Naah, I don’t believe it.

Rest in each other.  Rest in your love.
It’s beautiful.

We enjoyed your session, but I think we simply enjoyed meeting and being around you so much more.  You two are adorable, and I’m so glad we *dinged* over the phone that while night while we chatted away.  We can’t wait for your wedding and are thrilled to join you in the country for the wedding celebration to suit you two perfectly.

Thank you for spending a beautiful evening with us!  You two are fabulous!



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