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Hands down, my favorite time of year is late Spring. There is something very intimate — almost sacred — about the earth re-awakening and bringing forth new life and new hope. I’m so deliriously happy that weddings begin at this time after the barren winter. It’s as if love too is awakened and we can see so much fruit that it bears: laughter, friendship, celebration.

Linda and Eric are getting married next year, and I’m so happy that we get to walk along this engagement journey with them. We met right before the tulips in Downtown Holland blossomed, and like all great things, we eagerly anticipate the beauty of both the tulips and their union! Adam and I strolled along Pedestrian Alley with the lovers and snapped away before a quick outfit and location change.

Downtown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MI

Golden Hour is a photographer’s term for the absolute most perfect time to take a picture. And these, ladies and gentlemen, are the finest examples.

Downtown Holland, MI

Yes, please, to everything.

<3 <3

Downtown Holland, MI

Another sign of Spring is the opening of Pocket Park in Downtown Holland. Aaaand YES, she has pockets in her skirt because her fashion is impeccable. (His too while we’re on the topic.)

Downtown Holland, MI

Any person who loves Harry Potter is fine by me, and these two wizards even brought their own mugs to our session. Loyalty and bravery are admirable qualities. Did they know when they bought these just how important they are in marriage too?

Downtown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MIDowntown Holland, MI

Stillness. Together.

No one would ever know a hundred cyclists were whirring by and announcers shouted over loud-speakers and crowds were gathered and buzzing all around. But they got it. They understand how to be still, together.

Downtown Holland, MI

You two rocked this session! We are so looking forward to your Frederik Meijer Gardens wedding next year!


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