Kendra + Justin :: Southwest Michigan Winter Wedding

When Kendra contacted me about photographing her wedding, I could barely contain my excitement!  I have known this sweet girl since second grade and have had lots of heart-to-hearts about high-school boys we eventually got over and then these amazing men who stole our hearts in the end.  Not only this, but to have Kendra marry Justin, the man of her dreams, in our shared hometown church, Midway Baptist in Watervliet, Michigan, which only added to this finale,…this beautiful culmination of love, love, LOVE!

Kendra’s dress had the most beautiful details to accent her finely beaded corset.

Might I just say that some men can’t even tie their own tie, let alone a REAL bow-tie?!  Justin, you’re a winner.  All-around.

And then there’s this magical moment…where a girl becomes a princess, and a woman becomes a bride.<3

Kendra and Justin opted for a First Look (yay!  We adore these!) where they shared their thoughts and love and sweet, sweet dreams right before they entered into this beautiful covenant together.

Their love just takes my breath away.

I actually had to take a moment to get a tissue during these because I was crying so much.  The happiest of my tears being shed for this woman who deserves this love, this happiness.

I’m so happy that Kendra and Justin enjoyed the snowfall of their day by taking a few pictures outside!

Their bridal party included lots of family and friends (and three adorable nieces!) ~ what a fine looking party they are! ; )

In Kendra’s and mine junior high computer class, we had to describe our ideal future spouse.  Unbeknownst to anyone, Kendra’s parents had given this list of qualities to Pastor Mark — which he read aloud (!) to everyone during the ceremony!  Kendra’s realization was priceless, her list – hilariously filled with high exceptions, and the guests – thoroughly amused.

Some of my favorite moments of their ceremony where after they lit their unity candle.  They held each other, smiled and said “I love you” with their eyes, and then he kissed her forehead.  This is the happiest way to start your happy ending.


Five minutes away in Coloma, Michigan is West Street Station, where Kendra and Justin and their family and friends celebrated their marriage!

Love how West Street Station designated rooms!  How unique — with an added toy train that rode around the ceiling. : )

Glitter, snowflakes, white tulle, and twinkle lights adorned their banquet hall.

Then this moment happened. *sigh*
First dances are my favorite!

Her reaction?  PRICELESS! ; )

What a fun dance floor (where I did indeed break out Gangham Style!) filled at every part of the night!

The happiest, biggest, most truest of blessings to you two!  Kendra and Justin, you two fit each other in the most unique of ways.
Adam and I are thrilled for you and pray that this new adventure is the best yet!


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