Grand Haven Michigan

Kellie and Taylor \ Grand Haven Michigan Engagement

Beaches were big last summer. And rightfully so. Because its Michigan, and freshwater, and pure soft sand. And love sorta makes all of that even better. So when Kellie and Taylor wanted their engagement session in Grand Haven Michigan, we (of course!) raised our hands and HOLLA’d.

This aaaamazing fog rolled in off the lake, and well, you just go ‘head and see what magic happened.

Magic, right?! <3

Did you know sapphires were used as early tokens of engagement? They symbolize romantic love, truth, and commitment.
So, Kellie & Taylor — check, check, check!

Grand Haven Michigan for the win.


We loved your engagement session and learning more about your sweetheart love. We are so eager for your Blue Dress Barn wedding this summer!



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