Jasmine Star…and me.

I’ll just admit it. For awhile there, I loved Jasmine Star. And when I say I loved her, I was border-line stalker. We were “friends” on Facebook, I “followed” her on Twitter, and I read her blog religiously. And not only her updated posts; I would go through her archives, send her links to friends, and probably made my fiancĂ© super concerned since I was obsessed with a wedding photographer 3 months after we started dating. It wasn’t the wedding aspect I was attracted to. Her art-form captured me. Her personality, humor, and slight oddities made me believe that I too could become a photographer. I tried to follow in her exact footsteps. So when she mentioned ShowIt as her hosting site, I signed myself right up. $39 a month? No big. I was going to be Jasmine Star.

As money got tighter, I calculated what I was actually going to be paying per year. $468.00 There no way I was going to pay that. I was just starting out, and I didn’t even use all the cool components of ShowIt (let alone know how to)! Then, I realized: I’m not Jasmine Star. I’m not ever going to be. And honestly, I don’t want to be.
Who I am makes my business different than everyone else’s. My eyes see things so much differently than Jasmine Star or David Jay or Chase Jarvis. That’s why my business works for me in my lifestyle: which just so happens to include grilled cheese sandwiches, garage sale steals, and new love.
So, I’ve switched hosting sites and templates. Something much more affordable for me…and well, something for me. That was just me. Welcome to the new [bg photography].
I’m in love.
I’m introducing specific password-protected galleries and shopping carts for my clients. I believe I can better cater to their needs by offering print service directly through me and simply cutting out the middle man.
Seeing it for the first time – all completed – was like seeing a part of me. I designed this. I did all the technological work (*cough* thank you, Adam ;)). This is me. My work. My life. And I couldn’t be happier.
I couldn’t be happier to just be me.


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