I’ve got my Love to keep me warm.

Let’s get just one thing straight: I stay in Michigan for a white Christmas. An added holiday wedding with light fluffy snow is a definite bonus, but I was born for Spring air, gardens, and going barefoot 24/7. Despite the forever winter of 2014 and multiple reschedules, we’ve managed to photograph three engagement and four weddings! While I assisted on the weddings and will blog about that experience later, I wanted to share a few of my favorites from our engagement sessions with some of our 2014 couples.

Booking over the phone can be a tough decision sometimes. I tend to meet with all my couples beforehand because I believe in chemistry even between clients and vendors. I remember us chatting one late summer evening; I sat on our porch and heard these two tell their story to me over speaker-phone. They sounded fun, and I couldn’t wait to meet with them for their Fall engagement.

Steph and Beau are my breath of fresh air. Seriously, I am in love. Not only did they introduce themselves all stylish and outgoing, but they brought us coffee at the engagement location. Adam is still star-struck. There’s a bit of time between introductions and the real fun of an engagement session where we have to feel things out to find the comfort zone. No searching involved here! Steph and Beau are easy-going and enjoyable, and I was having fun as soon as she started showing me different outfit options. Our session was held in mid-October to capture the changing leaves and the beauty of Lake Michigan. I couldn’t have been happier with this love.


I fall to pieces every time I see this.


only they can make freezing at the beach look so gorgeous!<3



I first met Alex and Mike at their engagement session this January. Let me tell you: there is nothing like getting to know your clients in the freezing snow ~ oooh, but the snow! sigh. These two live in Seattle and work for some majorly cool companies, and it was entirely refreshing just to get to know them more. I’m always thrilled when clients bring props to their session — different outfits, blankets, a fun “Save the Date” frame…even changing your scarf can mix up your session and create even more images to love.

While we photograph at Van Raalte quite a bit, we try different trails and locations every time. I loved our time spent at the historical home on the lot. I felt their classical style meshed well with this timeless beauty, and the black and white images make me swoon every time I see them! I used my excuse “Let’s talk some details over coffee!” to enjoy their company a bit more and share how the editing process works. Needless to say, it was a wonderful way to begin our year!


perfect, fluffy snow!


Photographers have favorites too, and this is definitely one of mine!<3


One of our latest engagements had a few reschedules due to the intense storms in January and February (a few of our couples who wanted snowy pictures eventually became too tired of the snow and rescheduled for Spring! I’m looking forward to sweet cherry blossoms too!). I try to always be prepared for every engagement — checking the weather multiple times and investing in cute WARM clothes to keep me shooting, energetic, and creative.

Brianna and Rob drove from St. John’s for one of the prettiest days winter days I’ve seen in weeks. The sun was shining to create a gorgeous sparkle on the snow, and the land still had plenty of snow to give Brianna the pictures she wanted (Rob did propose in the snow, after all!). We spent a half a session soaking up the sun (and having a great cardio work-out traipsing in knee-deep snow and laughing about how great I am at making a fool of myself) until an emergency stopped us short in our session. We look forward to the rest of our session in the Spring with you two!


I adored this huge tree! I think I could’ve created an entire engagement session around it — quilts, outfit changes, little mementos, tassels hanging from the branches.


such sweet laughter!

We’re looking forward to Spring for many different reasons. More portrait sessions with families and a few more engagements, but mainly we’re excited to see everything become new again. Green grass, daily appearances from the sun, blooming trees and flowers,…and yes, our own little baby chickens in a homemade coop!

Happy Monday, friends! Stay warm!


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