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How long will it be before I receive my images?

If you have a simple portrait package (engagement, family, seniors), your online gallery will be available four weeks after your session.  Wedding portraits take 60-90 days for processing.  

How many images will I receive?

Portrait sessions generally yield around 60-80 images. Weddings can vary from 400-600 images. Each is dependent on outfit changes, location/venue, and how detailed the session/event may be. I carefully and thoughtfully study each photograph I took at your wedding and make sure you’re receiving the best images I can give you!

What form of payment will you take?

I take all forms of payment: cash, checks, and credit cards.

I’d love to schedule a session with you! What does your schedule look like? Do you travel?

Most sessions are scheduled on weeknights in the Spring/Summer since the majority of my weekends are secured for weddings. As for travel, I’ve been all over the Great Lakes region and down to Florida. I’m up for even greater adventures!

Is there anything I can do to receive the best images?

YES! Lifestyle photographers thrive on natural light. For portrait sessions, either choose an indoor location with large windows or let’s plan to go outside. Sun & shade are our best friends! As for weddings, I adore outdoor ceremonies. However, if you’re set on a venue that’s inside, be aware of your stage lighting. Spotlights & uneven ceremony light might not produce the imagery you’ve seen in my portfolio.  

Please be sure to detail these things in your Wedding Questionnaire. First Looks and a decent amount of time set aside for portraits also allow me to capture you in your most relaxed state on the happiest day of your life!