Hazy days, details, and cat naps.

I love these hazy days. Clouds cover the sky and is rainfall imminent . The 40-degree weather can’t stop me from opening the windows though because the birds are chirping and the cats want to watch from the windowsill. It is the perfect day for writing.

I’ve missed these days. Where the house is quiet…still from the over-busyness that’s lingered on dates of my calendar. And more importantly, I’ve missed my quiet heart. Where I can lie still for a moment and not feel the need to speak or feel guilty for not attacking my to-do list. I’ve appreciated receiving more hours at work, but I know my well-being needs these days of rest.
On my day off, I was able to finish editing Annie and Bryant’s engagement session. I had a few of their pictures printed on 8x10s, and I no longer doubt the importance of printing your photographs. Details, details, details struck me harder than before, and their personal love was even more apparent than before.
Look at Bryant’s hands. His fingers. The cracks. He is a tough man, a man’s man. You could tell just by shaking his hand. Feeling the roughness hard work can only produce. But look pan out to look at the whole picture. He takes his bride-to-be’s hand so gently. He tenderly kisses her. He knows how to love her, to lay aside his tough-exterior.
I had a fabulous day with Annie and Bryant (and Haley, our lovely tour guide and beloved friend). They were relate-able to Adam and me as a couple, and I believe that’s why we got on so well…with the humor, the conversation, the excitement.
What a wonderful welcome I received on visiting their hometown! Their wedding is a few weeks before my own, and I am thrilled to work with them, their families, and friends! “We gonna paaaaartay!”
As I’ve typed and said things out-loud like “paaaaartay”, I’ve had two cats accompany me on the bed, and let’s just be honest. A nap with them sounds all sorts of good on this rainy day.
It’s the weekend– go out and LIVE it! 🙂


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