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Engagement sessions are my favorite for a few reasons. We get to focus solely on the couple. Unlike wedding days, we can devote a fantastic amount of time to capturing you two — just you two: in love, happy, relaxed. And we both know that these feelings? They produce the best images. Relaxing with these Haley and Jordon was a breeze. I mean, its extra easy to be silly and in love when you’re with such good friends.

Adam and I have known Haley and Jordon since college, and we’ve roomed with each of them too! We’ve seen this love story play out, and we’re so happy that the curtain never closed on this the sweetest of loves. Our Fall session with them was super fun and extra beautiful, and I could never quite say enough good things about them.

We spent an early morning together at Riley Trails in Holland, Michigan, and were swept up in the colors of Fall. This was one of my favorite sessions from 2014, and I’m so happy to be sharing it today!




Early morning sessions always create a little bit of magic.



Pure Michigan advertisement at its finest. ; )


Haley is basically famous on the East Side of the state for her amazing vocal skills. If you ever meet her, please ask her to do my favorite rendition of Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Please & Thank You.


We are kind of known here for our blueberries. In the summer, the bushes are filled with juicy berries begging to be picked in the noonday sun. BUT IN THE FALL, the bushes turn the prettiest shade of burgundy and we’re weren’t about to miss our time prancing around them.


Haley and Jordon’s June wedding is only a few months away, and we can’t wait to celebrate with those closest to our hearts. Stay tuned for wedding previews — it’s going to be a beautiful day for beautiful people! <3

a Riley Trails Holland Michigan Engagement.

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  1. Haley Smith

    You made me tear up. How could I ever thank you enough for capturing us.


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