Elise + Matt :: East Michigan Wedding

Adam and I looked forward to Elise and Matt‘s wedding all winter.  We had met with them several times beforehand to talk wedding details, but we also spent time as friends simply going out to eat after their engagement session.  And we knew without a doubt their wedding would be beautiful.  Handcrafted details, a bubble grand exit (love these!), a reception for the record books, and beautiful *forever + always* love.

We drove to the East Side of the state for their wedding where they exchanged vows in a quaint church with stained glass windows and a steeple (!!).  Elise wore a gorgeous gown and donned a beautiful hair-piece, but the sparkle of her eyes and the genuine excitement in her smile brought life and energy to their winter wedding day.  Let’s look a bit more at a few details, shall we?  I just could not get over her gorgeous dress with tulle, tulle, TULLE!

Do you notice *a little something blue?

…and downstairs, and eager Bride-to-be began her fairytale.

…while her Prince was preparing another way. ; )

I’m sure you all know I’m a huge advocate for First Looks and how much I love them (…and intimate moments, saving on picture time, and bit of calming those butterflies!).  My prepared speech and I will step away from the podium.  Oh, just take a look for yourself.  Breathtaking.
We went up to the steeple with large windows and even a rope and bell (I was desperate to ring and shout out this celebration)!

“I love you.”

“You are mine.  I am yours.”



Oh, her dress.  LOVE!

What a fun bridal party! : )

I love how baby’s breath is appearing in so many weddings!  It’s so simple that its elegant, and I hope more of our weddings this year feature these in bouquets or table accents!

A handsome, smitten Groom.

The ring-bearer is Matt’s nephew (and his Best Man’s son).  I loved watching Alex (BM) help his son gets the rings untied from the Bible.  Thank you Adam for capturing these little moments.

…and they lived happily ever after.

I treasure these rarities: moments like this right after you’ve walked down the aisle, the first minutes you’re husband and wife, the moment you realize its all true.

Could you two be any cuter?!  So much love!  So much JOY!

Their reception took place at Sycamore Hills and, to put it bluntly, it was the absolute bee’s knees.  The cat’s meow.  The cream of the crop.  A+!

actually went a little weak in the knees when I walked into details, details, details and the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen!

Baby’s breath, burlap, hand-crafted table number, and lace doilies.  This reception and I were BFFs.

Besides the fabulous cake I mentioned earlier, they brought out a chocolate fountain later with a coffee/hot-chocolate bar; and GET THIS.  Late-night pizza.  Add a photobooth and hollaaa!

Not only did we get to celebrate a wedding that night, but we also celebrated Grandma’s birthday complete with a cupcake + candle to top it off! : )

I simply adore you two.

I usually cry during First Looks and when I first see my brides walking down the aisle.  I hadn’t cried at a first dance until I watched Matt embrace Elise and they were swept away on the dance floor.  I swear, the room was filled with just the two of them.

And then, I immediately had to pull out my phone and download their song (confession: I waited until I had my cake later off the clock.).

…and I thought I loved you two then.

I love a good bouquet + garter toss!

…especially when THEY’RE RIGGED!  Sweet boyfriend caught the garter and had to put it on his girlfriend who caught the bouquet.

shameless plug: I’m booking for 2014. 😉  And I have that dress too, and you wear it so much better than me.


Matt and Elise, we were honored – thrilled – ecstatic – excited – elated – (insert waaaay too many more adjectives!) to photograph your wedding day.  You two have a blessed love; its evident in every picture, in every moment.  Your love is inspirational to those around you, and we cannot thank you enough for inviting us into your perfect day!

We love you!  xoxo, Adam + Brennigan


  1. Dee Hopkins

    Absolutely beautiful! You captured every perfect moment of a magical day for Matt & Elise. thank you.

  2. Chelsea

    Absolutely gorgeous, amazing, beautiful photos. You guys did beyond amazing at capturing so many moments! I love them all!!!!


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