“Do more than exist.”

We are being secret keepers here.  I’ll help you out though:


  • No, I’m not pregnant.  That’s what everyone suspects first.
  • We’re didn’t buy a house.
  • I didn’t buy any new equipment.
  • No new baby animals are entering the apartment (under husband’s orders).
  • I am not President.

On another note, my head and heart has been swimming with topics that require lengthy writing sessions or genuine inspiration, which usually strikes while I’m lying in bed at 2AM.  We’ve had a very busy, blessed year.  Adam accepted a new job at the beginning of this year and I’ve kept my schedule busy with weddings and portrait sessions.  We’ve vacationed, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, but sometimes, I forget.  Like, literally, I forgot what I did last year for my birthday.  I can’t even remember if I made Adam a cake for his (let alone if I purchased him a present).  I’m 24 and suffering from memory-loss.

I’m so grateful for these “a week in the life”s and at least pictures from each week of this past year.  I’m not sure if I’d like to continue for another year, but rather find something to challenge myself more creatively and with my family to make life memorable.  Not events.  Life. Days. Breaths.   Drinking sparkling grape juice out of a crystal wine glass last night for no particular reason and the way the stem feels when rubbed between my fingers.  So, if you’ve got ideas or have been working to make life intentional, please send some ideas my way! 🙂

This week’s intentional activity:

  1. Buy a disposable camera.
  2. Use an entire roll of day-to-day activities:  Saturday breakfast.  Adam and I brushing our teeth together.  Kitties sleeping.  Adam opening the door after work.  I’m getting excited already!
  3. Buy a mini-album from Target (pronounced “Tar-Jay” very French-like).
  4. Assemble memories.

Instagram is a free app for iPhones (and now Androids!) that features various filters that are easy-to-use and make posting to Twitter, Facebook, and my blog (with the help of a personally-made Photoshop template), easy-peasy! You can follow me @brennigan)

My heart has been burdened lately to do more than just exist.  Our time is short, but oh you better believe I can pack it full.  Have you seen me travel?

Happy Monday, Internet!  A wedding blog to appear later this week!


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