Davy Crockett

I’ve tried writing this blog a few times; unsure whether to take a humorous route or maybe something educational.  But really, I’m entirely too wrapped up in the emotions of everything that’s happened in our small little family to take any specific direction at all.  Two weeks ago, I found a small, sheltie dog at our local Humane Society.  I see a lot of adorable dogs there when I go to take pictures for PetFinder or just to give the animals attention.  I was looking for a specific sweetie that I could take to their Tails on Trails Dog Walk, but after hearing his status, I knew he wouldn’t be able to go.

Davis — or as we now affectionately call him, Davy Crockett — simply wasn’t cut out for shelter life.  Like many animals that come there, I’m not sure of his story.  But a kennel, barking dogs, and a stomach condition that gave him diarrhea and made him vomit multiple times a day gave him stress in the form of visible rib bones and an audible breathing condition (which I’m assuming is kennel cough).

I know for many people, they can’t understand how humane it is to keep any animal in a kennel.  But I’ve worked with the staff, and I see their hearts.  I know some of those dogs are healthy and robust and just fine to catch someone’s eye.  But Davy…I knew I couldn’t leave him there.  I felt his fear, I wished for his freedom.  And yesterday, I said I wasn’t going to leave without him.

In a matter of seconds, he became our informal foster.  He slept well in a large kennel set up on the landing of our home.  He stretches unknowingly now in sleep and rolls around in our grass.  He hasn’t vomited even after two feedings.  But the part where it hit me, the part where I cried, was the hour right after we brought him home.  Davy had a dog bed set up in the garage, and I laid down our settee cushion next to him.  I wrapped him in a purple blanket and I comforted and consoled him.  And his heavy eyes fought sleep until he knew.  He was safe.  He was loved.  And he didn’t have to be scared anymore.


I haven’t photographed Davy yet because we’re pre-occupied with keeping journal records, attending to sporadic feedings, and of course, everyday things like work and laundry and making sure the cats stay happy and brave.  We’re praying to ease his stress, allow him to gain weight, and eventually, find a home that can give him the same.  Wedding season has been shorter but very active this summer, shooting almost every weekend for a grand total of 17 weddings.  But as Fall arrives, we’re embracing a new season, a new calm, a new everyday.



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