Christina + Chris :: Douglas & Saugatuck Wedding

While we sit cozied under quilts, its absolutely lovely to be blogging about Christina and Chris‘s absolutely perfect union on November 17, 2012.  Surely, those not familiar with their first look would imagine a November wedding to be chilly, but we were blessed with 50 (!!) degree weather that even allowed for a First Look on the lakeshore.

My favorite part of the whole wedding process is this: the story-telling.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m not shy, and I adore boasting in my sweet couples’ love.  There is a certain joy throughout every stage of the day — getting ready, the First Look, waiting before “I do,” the ceremony, and the celebration after — that Chris and Christina can’t help but emanate from smiles to tear-filled eyes; from tight embraces to jumping in excitement.  Their wedding day was perfection.  And I know that is because they fit perfectly together.

Our day began Saugatuck’s Victorian Inn where Christina and family were getting ready.

Chris, being the sweetheart he is, sent Christina a bouquet of flowers including their wedding colors to the Inn the morning of their wedding.  Oooh, I die.

Christina’s dress?  *swoooooning.  It was the perfect combination of modern and vintage glam.

This photograph wasn’t posed in the slightest.  She’s honestly just that gorgeous and full of joy.

“SISTER!”  This moment happened so quickly when Deanna ran into the room and saw her sister in her dress for the first time.  Giggles, screams, and happy tears followed.

Christina’s mama was present the entire morning, and their close bond was evident by such a beautiful mixture of (more) tears, happy, happy smiles, and a mama who just adored her almost wedded daughter.

When Christina mentioned she’s like to have their First Look at the beach, I was a little timid at first.  All sorts of photography risks could’ve presented themselves: unexpected tourists, crazy wind off the lake, freezing temperatures, and blinding sun.  I was so thankful we could fulfill Chris and Christina’s First Look wish ~ and no risks involved.  Unless you count falling over from Chris’s good looks.  Phew!  Christina, you are a lucky woman! ; )

An eager bride about to see the love of her life<3

Like I said: perfection.

Since the lakefront wasn’t too windy, we spent all of our bride & groom time by the water: a place very special to these two.  You can tell this love was effortless for them.

Readers, I could’ve posted an entire blog from just the time here.  But, oh, a few of our most favorites.<3

I know I’ve spoken of this many times, but I adore having Adam (my husband) with me on weddings.  We each prefer different lenses, our artistic eyes differ, and he’s proven to offer so much extra to wedding days.  The below picture is one of his (and mine) favorites, and I’ve been waiting for so long to share it!

Chris and Christina chose their siblings to represent their entire bridal party, and the simplicity was exquisite.

Their bouquets?  Oh, you have no idea how many times I saw Heaven that day.

A few things leave me speechless, and one of those things is flowers.  Just let me bury my face in their bewitching fragrances.

They were married amongst family and dear friends at the Community Church of Douglas.  Oh!  It’s time to! get! married! : )

Mandy Wheeler of Portraits by Mandy assisted me and Adam.  She captured the moment on the left, and we were both so glad she could accompany us for the entire day. : )

I’m a daddy’s girl 1,000% and moments like these make my heart melt into ooey gooey love.


The reception was held only a couple minutes down the road at Saugatuck Brewing Company.  It was our first time photographing in one of their banquet halls, and we absolutely loved the candle-light, more gorgeous flowers, and a dessert table that added 3 pounds to my waistline.

A dessert table catered by Crane’s!  Pies, donuts, and cider, oh my!

A scrumptious spread displayed beautifully.

Their genuine smiles full of all the joy and excitement of a future together.

First Dances.  *sigh

A little extra help with the music during the Daddy+Daughter dance. ; )

…and multiple cheers and hoorahs!

The bouquet toss: these ladies had on their game faces!

And then it was time to get down on the dance floor!  Yeaaaah!

Little cider shots?  Don’t mind if we do!

Your love is one to move mountains.  It’s evident from your actions towards each other, the emotion you display in the other person’s presence, and the joy.  The absolute pure, untainted joy of just being together.  It’s love.  True love at its finest, and Adam and I could not be any happier for the two of you.  We wish you the best and even more.  Happy Life!


Flower Girl Floral


Dessert Table:
Crane’s Orchard


Saugatuck Brewing Company


Wedding Coordinator:
Jodie Howitt (Saugatuck Brewing Company)


Adam & Brennigan of [bg] photography studios.


Third Photographer:
Mandy Wheeler of Portraits by Mandy

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  1. Connie Barr

    Love these pictures! The beach shots are so sweet and romantic. I had the greatest time at the wedding. I loved it’s simplicity and the focus was on the couple, friends and joy. Great day, great couple!


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