Choosing joy, FLASHING! POP! UPS!, and Bert from Mary Poppins.

Its raining again, and I’m trying really hard to make it romantic and melodramatic and enjoyable with lit candles and the smell of baking blueberry bread.  I’ve opened the doors and windows and even donned a shawl around my shoulders.

I hate when things come down to simply changing your attitude because 1) that means admitting something’s wrong with me and 2) changing your attitude can be hard work (not to mention when life gets all fuzzy in the details.  But I’ve proactively kicked my butt all morning.  And I’ll kick it all night until I won’t consciously have to kick anymore.

Sometimes in life I feel like I don’t have much choice.  But I’ve been sitting here with my cup of tea and Grandma’s shawl wrapped cozily around my shoulders, and I’m realizing how much I can choose joy no matter what the circumstance.  And choosing joy about the rain is about the easiest choice I can make right now.

stars of the show:

You know how some ads on the internet aren’t as conspicuous as MAJOR! FLASHING! POP! UPS! but look like a little person on the bottom of your screen or a freaky little insect that scrambles across your webpage?  Let me introduce you to the spider that scared me half-to-death (second row, third picture).  NOT an advertisement.  Definitely real.  I “ew”ed myself all the way to the kitchen to get a napkin and “ew! ew! ew!”ed the entire time I smushed it…peeking only once to make sure it was dead.
Holland’s Tulip Time Festival began this past Saturday, and Mom, Dad, and Gram came up to visit for the arts and crafts portion.  However, it also rained Saturday (and Sunday…but who’s keeping track?), so we spent our day shopping at Lowe’s for fans (row three, pictures three and four), at Hobby Lobby for little crafts, and eating pound cake and drinking tea at our apartment.  Honestly, I’m thankful for the rain that came, because I those are some of my favorite things to do…especially with those people.

points of interest:

Thursday was hot and humid, and I decided to start my summer jogging (row two, picture one).  I realize I should probably jog all year round, but I don’t like running inside and I don’t like running with a lot of clothes on.  One mile in, and my thighs are itchy and my legs are wobbly and I feel like I’m suffering from bronchitis.  I’ll try again tomorrow.
On our way to Tulip Time yesterday (before the downpour) we walked past through the grounds of my alma mater Hope College (row four, picture one) and Adam let me reminisce about where I took classes and what the library smelled like and how beautiful the time was that I spent there.  Thank you, Sweetheart.
Once we got to Tulip Time (and after snatching some greasy fair food), I spotted Bert (Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins) circa 2012 (row four, picture two).  The banging drum when he walked, the harmonica, the guitar.  I must’ve told Adam a million time “He’s just like the guy from Mary Poppins!”  But, for the record, Dick Van Dyke is way cooler.  And REVELATION.  He danced in the rain.  It’s a sign.  I have to watch the movie now.

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This week on the blog: part two of my seniors and a little inspirational wedding bliss SINCE ITS WEDDING WEEK!  Oh, this apartment is buzzing — ripping out cute poses from magazines, cleaning gear, going over timelines, and excitedly chatting Adam’s ear off about how cute her bouquets will be,, I love this venue, I need to go shopping for something to wear, …maybe we should get married AGAIN!

Monday, Monday — a blank canvas to start your week: make your brush strokes intent and beautiful!

And for you Mary Poppin‘s fans…


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