Brittni + Seth :: Wedding Sneak Peek!

I am absolutely floored at how fabulous the weather has been all summer for our weddings — not a single ceremony touched by a drop of rain, not one frown spotted on a bride or groom’s face.  With only two weddings left in the season for us (16 total!), we’re praying that the good weather keeps on comin’…and that these amazing couples keep on comin’ too! : )  Brittni and Seth have been on the blog before with their Indian summer engagement session, and I’m happy to feature their wedding sneak peek today!

These two have to be one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever written about: hands down, no doubt about it.  Seth would pick up her train as she walked, offer her a drink throughout the reception, and check to make sure she was always feeling just right.  And Brittni is an upstanding woman who vowed to love and honor Seth with her words and actions for the rest of the day.  I’m so pleased to have documented their day for them.  Hope you are enjoying that Carnival cruise — you two deserve it!  Cheers!


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