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I feel like Midwest Wedding Photographers hibernate like bears.  While we might wear our pajamas 24/7 and only come out for food (and that’s even a rarity coming from someone living off of dried cranberries and oreos only so I don’t have to scrape off my car), we’re actually quite active with tax spreadsheets, updating our businesses with web changes and looking how to further our brands.

For me personally, I started wedding season early this year and ended late (December 28!), so I haven’t had much time for a whole lot of true hibernation.  But one thing I desperately needed to change during this “slow season” was update the website!  Oh, I’ve been ashamed to even have been linked to it this long.  The poor thing had one wedding (from mid-2011) to show for it, and I felt like it was this mess I’d continually be shoving into the closet while ushering guests to my newly designed blog.

If I’ve learned anything from husband (I am trying to hone that listening skill in this season), its how to maintain a continuous brand.  I was behind the curve with my flash site that wasn’t mobile friendly, and I felt like my website was crazy Uncle Lyle (I would’ve said Bob, but I really do have an Uncle named Bob, and he’s not that crazy) and my blog was my newborn baby — perfect in my eyes and always dressed in frills and lace of new blog posts.  It was high time the internet side of my business become one.  A real family.

So, without further ado — YIPPEE!  It’s here //  (and down here if you want to click on the screen image!)  iPad + mobile friendly!  FINALLY!

I’m thrilled to have started 2013 on reaching such a positive goal!  So, please, I’ll be happy if you’d look around the nooks and crannies.  The dust has been cleared, the “about” section has been modified, and Adam is finally introduced as an integral part of my wedding photography vision.  We’ve almost reached our booking point for 2013, and I’m so excited to continue this year and see how my blessed circumstances shape me as a professional but also as a bride, a wife, and a friend.

Meanwhile, we just booked a spontaneous weekend get-a-way to the place where we first spent our time as husband and wife.  I can’t think of a better place to spend time with my Love!  Happy Friday, my dear friends!  See you next week with a newborn blog and a few more wedding sneak peeks!


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