Awaiting moments when time can stand still amidst a week of my favorite things to do.

I feel that it’s been this week forever, but at the same time, I have no idea how I haven’t gotten around to a a week in the life.  Both Adam’s and mine schedules have been precisely and meticulously booked to fit in our many activities, and I’m anxiously awaiting Friday night pizza bites, a reclined futon piled high with blankets and pillows, and moments where time can stand still.


Oh, I don’t know.  Somewhere in the first row, my family turned into THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES.  I did grow up in the country, mind you, but this was the first time we had Gram in a reclining chair in the back of the truck.  I always did associate her with the feisty Granny and her rocking chair (or gun — whichever you choose to associate her with 😉 ).
My sweet nieces live in Florida (as do two more of my nephews), and while the distance is ugly and hard and not nearly as fun as having everyone together, technology offers some comfort, and I’m thankful she can know that I love her and think about her and am super silly (row two, picture one).
Countless times, people have come up to me telling me just how great Adam is with kids.  So when we pool-partied it up with them last Saturday, Uncle Adam kind of takes the cake with shark games and throwing and catching nervous jumpers off the diving board.  Because Uncle Adam is brave.  And really REALLY cool because he can swim the length of the pool in one breath (row four, pictures two-three)


It felt like heresy.  I’ve sworn by the yellowing pages of musty-smelling books.  They soothe my soul and nothing feels better in my hands than a cup of tea and a book that I’ve known has been read and read before me.  BUT, the library can only supply so many books and when they were out of the next book in my Anne series, I.couldn’t.wait.  So, I checked out the books seven and eight (just in case someone didn’t return those on time :: I am just terrible! [if you’re in the Holland area and looking for those, I have them and am returning them soon]), and BOUGHT BOOK SIX ON THE NOOK (row two, picture two).  Oh, the horror.  And by the end, I hated to admit that I kind of fell back in love with my Nook…but it wasn’t a lasting romance.  As soon as I opened book seven, I knew those yellowed pages belonged in my hands.
I had been without a car for the few days before, so when I had the car to myself for two hours, I meant to go shopping for items to enhance Adam’s new office cubicle.  Colorful, inspiring things that would make him feel more productive and at home.  What really happened was an hour long trip to Target (row three, picture one) that ended up with me buying $35.00 worth of items that had nothing to do with Adam (do cleaning supplies count?).  Bad wife, bad!
There are a million reasons why I love going to Grandma’s house, but one of my favorite reasons are the trees.  She lives on such a large piece of property that the wind can whisper and sweep through the trees (row four, picture four).  And ivy can grow wildly up trunks and entangle branches and create a place where I am sure fairies must live.

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This week has really been filled to overflowing :: photographing a play, two large family sessions with an added engagement session in there (oh, but its in the beautiful country)…all the while re-imagining a new branding style and finishing up editing two weddings.  But as Adam and I sat on the edge of the pool with our feet this past Sunday letting them swish and roll through the calm blue, I told him I’ve never been happier.  I love what I do.

And I do.

Happy Wednesday!


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