Anniversaries, Spring, and 57%

Random Paragraph #1: February is over, and that means that my resolution to blog every day is over as well. Technically, you could’ve considered the resolution over on the 9th when I first missed a blog post. I wrote 16 blogs; I was supposed to write 28. That means, I scored a 57% on the writing section for February. A 57% is still a D, right? That means I passed!

Random Paragraph #2: Last weekend, my sister and I (along with our hot studs) took our parents out to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They persist through conflict, love in the face of tragedy, and work without much gratitude. I can sweeten it some more and butter them up with words of appreciation, but I’m just going to say it simply. I don’t want to brag; and my mom won’t necessarily appreciate the way I word this, BUT: my parents kinda kick ass. There’s no other way to put it. They rock. And I’d honestly rather double-date with them than with most of my friends and their significant other. Here’s the 25 more years; and this next time, we’re throwing the big-shabang…whether you like it or not! 🙂
Random Paragraph #3: I.NEED.SPRING. And I’ve tasted it. Oh, my ears have heard the sweet songs of early birds, and my cheeks have felt the warmth of the rejuvenating sun. And in celebration of the snow melting (for good this time?), I’ve decided to do some redecorating. Hobby Lobby is my craft store of choice, and they’ve recently dug out all their spring flowers. They line the aisles with yellow blossoms and spritz of colors. If only, IF ONLY, I could smell that intoxicating smell of fresh blooming daffodils. Breathe in light fragrance of our Holland tulips. But for now, these will have to do.
Random Paragraph #4: This weekend, I’ll be taking the engagement pictures for a dear friend of mine, Livie. We were best friends my sophomore year in college (and that’s when the following picture was taken); we talked about our big loves and what life had in store for us. Now, this year, she is getting married to the man of her dreams and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I can’t wait to showcase her engagement to Douglas on the blog come Monday!
I have worked eight days in a row, and I’ve felt that I’ve been doing everything half-way lately. Today, however, is my day off, and I’m not going to do anything half-way today. I’ll be leaving in two hours to spend the night with my Gram; drink tea, making conversation, and just enjoy being…with her.
Happy mid-week, friends! I’ll see you on Monday!


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