Anna + Jonathan :: Holland Country Engagement

This past winter, I spoke at Hope College‘s Career Panel for those that graduated with an English degree.  I was en route to becoming a teacher, but when I realized I didn’t enjoy speaking in front of crowds, I quickly switched to a generalized English degree with a management minor.  So, here I was, three years later, speaking in front of a crowd.  (?) (!)

Regardless of how I finally reached that point, I’m grateful for that opportunity because I – through winding different internet roads and lovely Google SEO and my mom giving my a peculiar name – met Anna…and subsequently, her charming fiancé Jonathan.  Their engagement session fell during the hottest week of the year; but their preparation, joy, and beaming personality easily made it one of my favorites of the year.

After I mentioned Van Raalte Farm for scenic trails and open fields, Anna and Jonathan spent an afternoon exploring the park picking out specific locations for their session.  When the day came, they had everything planned.  From whimsy outfits worn by a secluded creek’s edge —

{oh, sweet, sweet love.}

— to a stroll through an enchanted (DEFINITELY) fairy-filled forest…

{heavenly sunbeams.}

…all the way to a chic outfit change with supplies for a quiet, lovely evening listening to Frank Sinatra’s vinyl and looking over old love letters.

After our session, I spent at least two days on eBay and Etsy looking for a vinyl player.  I don’t even have anything vinyl (except for that pair of paints in the back of my closet), but I became obsessed with the easily accessed ambience and the mood it gave the finale of our session.  In reality, I just want to be RETRO CHIC like them!

Their love is simple.  They are simply love.  From enjoying hot tea on the porch to taking turns sending each other notes in their love journal, Anna and Jonathan possess souls that are linked exquisitely to one another.

Don’t ever stop smiling.  This is the essence of your love.

Anna and Jonathan, you two have such a great joy when you come together: its evident in your eyes, your small whispers to each other when in a close embrace, your ability to be you.  Adam and I are beyond blessed to have photographed your engagement.  While we wish we could be with you in Iowa as you vow to be forever one another’s, we send many blessings, best wishes, and a life full of love and laughter.

xo, the Burnetts.


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