Amber + Lance :: Holland City Engagement

“We had such a wonderful time that we couldn’t bear to go back to our regular lives, and so we decided we just wouldn’t.  And then all the greatness began.”

After a brief time dating at the beginning of high-school, Amber and Lance saw other people, went on other dates, but ultimately found their way back to each other.  Because you see, once they had first found each other, nothing and no one else could ever compare to their love.  And in a little more than two weeks, these two will continue their life journey together as husband and wife.  What a beautiful story…what a beautiful beginning.

They chose the best of both (photography) worlds – nature + city – by scheduling two mini-engagement sessions a week apart.  The first part of their session took place in downtown Holland along side-roads that I’m sure had “do not trespass” signs.  My eyes always get hazy when reading signs like that, so I just assume they say, “Strutting up ahead,”  “You’re FABULOUS,”  “Do your thang, girlfriend!”  Yes, I’m sure I’m right.  I love how they’re cool outfits contract the warm brick; what a fun way to start a session!

Oh, how he makes her smile.

deliciously romantic.

I’m obviously jealous and in love with Amber’s hair.

You’re stunning, Amber!

Lance is pretty good-looking himself. 😉

We spent the second part of their engagement session in Adam’s and mine backyard.  We strung lights among the tree branches, spread a quilt on the ivy, and let their love light up the night.

…and I die.<3

I’m thrilled to return to Trillium Event Center (with Adam this time!) to photograph their wedding!  Even putting aside a First Look, a perfect timeline, and beautiful grounds, I can’t wait to photograph these two as bride and groom, husband and wife :: thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers!



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