Alyssa + Cameron :: Grand Haven Wedding

On a late September day, Alyssa and Cameron promised, in front of family and friends at Grand Haven Gospel Chapel, to love each other forever.  Our wedding season has been dabbled with crazy weather schemes.  Hail in June, freezing temperatures in September, and 50s in November.  Alyssa and Cameron’s wedding day was chilly, but full of crazy, wrapped-up-in-you love to keep them warm.

Alyssa’s dress was pure white with intricate beading accenting soft tulle.

You are beautiful, girl!

Why yes, Cameron is wearing a top-hat, a coat with tails and holding a cane.  We have the funnest couples!

There’s nothing like the first kiss to start off your happy ever after. 🙂

Oh, this shot was just begging to happen.  Honestly.  LOVE it.<3

Alyssa and Cameron planned their wedding on their own and everything to a tee.  However, when we couldn’t take pictures at the windy beach, we detoured  here…and I think it was fate, because there were RAINBOWS.  In fact, the more we kept looking, the more luck we found.

See?  More rainbows!  No photoshop necessary.  😉

I love these next three sets: we have some romance, a little silly, and definitely a lotta love: fitting these two perfectly.

We arrived early to Terra Verde Golf Course in Nunica to walk the grounds and take a few more portraits.


You can always count on the Best Man for some embarrassing stories…

…and the Maid of Honor for something sweet.

Loved their Tiffany & Company blue cake!  And SO delicious (I would know; I had three pieces).

Months of planning (and I’m sure many late nights), but Alyssa and Cameron, your happy ever after has come.  We had so much fun documenting your day!  Adam and I wish you the best as you continue on this crazy awesome journey called love!  🙂


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