living out love


Photo by Taylor J Photography

Life is about seasons.

Seasons of newness and excitement and joy.
Seasons of grief and sadness.
Seasons of love and fullness.

Every season of your life deserves documentation — a space to embrace and to keep safe in your heart for future recollection.

All the seasons make you you.

What’s most important to me as your photographer is that you feel seen during this unique time in life.

So whether you are celebrating an exchange of vows with the person you love most deeply or you’re looking to document your family and babies (human and fur) at home or on an adventure, it would be my honor to capture you in whatever season you’re in.

My current season is intentionally slow being a Mama to an almost two year old little girl. We spend most of our time exploring nature, playing with the seven chickens living in the backyard, and using our imagination playing with ponies, Elsa, and Elmo. My favorite time of the day is after supper when Dad joins us for family time and we “go crazy” playing with the cats.

In my spare time, I enjoy quilting, being with my friends, planning our next camping trip, and simply sitting still with a hot cup of tea and observing life happen around me.