“A week in the life…”

“[Next week] is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”

My sweet mantra of last week tweaked only slightly from the words of L.M. Montgomery.  Last week was…in a word…a roller-coaster.  I learned my lesson about booking too many sessions for one week; and while each session turned out so beautifully (blessed with fabulous weather, cooperative children, and such wonderful people), I found myself crawling by Saturday evening seeking desperate retreat in my down-comforted bed.

This week, however, is filled with bridal consults and catching up with old friends, and a special treat for me :: being in front of the camera for “Trash the Dress” session!  While I’m not fond of completely trashing my lovely lace, I’ll happily dance through wild fields and wade (up to my ankles) in wooded creeks.  I am thankful for this week of rest — a time to reflect on what is still yet to soak in during this glorious summer.  Or rather, how to soak in all the moments I’ve been waiting through weeks of biting snow, leafless trees, sweatshirt clad bodies for.


While I don’t give him as much credit on the blog as he really deserves, my husband patiently and consistently works behind the scenes of my business.  Whether it be: putting up with my mood-swings, listening to “OH-MY-GOSH” new favorite song of the week on repeat, giving me free reign with my OCD bathroom cleaning tendencies, and comforting me as I (embarrassingly) cry through most of The Dark Knight Rises…he holds me together.  And all during last week, he was there.  He always have been.  Thank you, Adam.  I love you.


Last Sunday was National Ice-cream Day.  We discovered this about 8PM and knew we couldn’t settle for anything from Meijer or even Dairy Queen.  It had to be the real deal: COLDSTONE.  Apparently, everyone else in Holland got the memo about this festive day too (row one, picture one).  I just wish they would’ve gotten the whole “pick-up-yo-trash” memo too!
We rarely get to swim by ourselves at my Grandma’s house without a pool full of children, but this week, we snuck in uninvited.  Now, you might think there might be lovin’ going on (we’re only married a year, mind you), but a pool plus two undisturbed adults only results in one thing:  SNORKELING.  And FLIPPERS.  (row two, picture four) And “BABE!  WATCH THIS!”  Yeah, I still pretend I’m a mermaid in the pool.  So what?
After our family beach session on Saturday morning, we took our time window-shopping around our hometown and came across their Saturday farmer’s market.  Nooow, I love  and take pride my roots as much as the next person, but as a resident of Holland for the past six years, I gotta say…home ain’t got NOTHIN’ on Holland’s farmer’s market.  I’ve really just gotta keep it real.

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Maybe its the early morning or all the sweets I’ve had this AM, but this whole ghetto-fabulous type-talk I have going on has gots ta go.  And that means me too. 🙂  Bridal consultation to prepare for, some sneak peeks to get ready, and if I’m being completely honest, I have to catch up on my Pinning.

Happy Monday!


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