a thing called life.

“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”

If March had a soundtrack, I’m pretty certain that song-birds would take up the majority of the first few titles.  And how glorious it was to hear those melodies this morning!  February threw me through the washer (heavy cycle) and roughly tumbled kind-of dry before spitting me out — exhausted at last month’s end.

I’ve been saying I’m ready to embrace this year, but I’ve found that I haven’t been embracing the ugly stuff, just the rainbows and smiles.  And with more rough days than good ones in the past two weeks, I realize that I can’t rely on my creativity to just disperse from my soul like a vapor.  I have to extract it myself.  I have to dig deeper into life to find the good, the real.  Trying to hone this skill, I’ve started a personal photo challenge (non-IG related, surprise! surprise!) for March.

Behind the scenes of a business is hard.  Staying on top of your game with competition: rebranding, marketing, paperwork, and holy taxes!  And during this, I sometimes forget why I fell in love with what I started:  the soft click of the shutter, the amazement of technologies capabilities, and the capturing of my own everyday.

On the first evening of March, you will find me in our living room with a newly designated spot for the iMac (one T.V. and a Friday night?  ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Undercover Boss’ need to be watched!), editing an engagement session and enjoying Reese’s and a hot cup of Earl Grey tea.  There’s a lot to be done, so the first photo of the month –> “L is for late nights.”

You’d find other l‘s in there too: love, laughter, and a little loitering on Pinterest.  Happy Friday to all you other late-nighters!  See you tomorrow, Internet!


Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm 2.8L II @ ISO 5000, 400 shutter at f/2.8.


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