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Normally rainy days like today call for comfy pants, a good book (or an entire marathon of The Office), and *something-hot-and-cozy* while I angrily glare at all things work over on the desk.  However, I am kicking today’s booty: Chuck Norris round-house style.  E-mails, check.  Blog post, check.  Album, check.  Mini-photo session for future blog post, check.  Cleaning house, check.  SHOWER, check.  The latter deserves a standing ovation.  Thank you, Internet.  Thank you.

stars of the show:

I re-painted a bright pink birdhouse (you’re welcome, hubs) to make our apartment feel more homey and country (plus, I like to pretend I’m Snow White).   And I piled that thing high with bird-seed plus sprinkled the ground with it…to you know, entice them.  THE DUMB THINGS WOULD NEVER FLY ON MY HOUSE.  But I did have some cute Mama Goose and babies visit and pick my ground seedlings (first row, third picture).  *note: since said visit, birds of all sorts have found where the house is and fly there multiple times a day…something my cats both appreciate.
Karra fixing my purple peek-a-boo after a bad off-brand bottle of purple left half my head of hair slightly tinted blue (row two, pictures two and three).  A nice bleach, conditioning treatment, and much-needed girl talk, and I was all peaches when I got home.
Grandma’s house is my peace (row three, picture three).  I feel God when I’m there.  I feel able to just breathe.  And I was able to visit her TWICE this past week: oh be still, my heart.  This woman brightens my life.
After reading Kelle Hampton’s Bloom, I immediately composed a messy e-mail – with a mascara streaked-face and a pile of tissues next to me- to this girl who is my net.  The hour long calls where I have to hide in my closet so we can talk about boyfriends.  The long e-mails filled with our problems.  The happy every-so-often cards in the mail that make us smile.  I haven’t seen her in six months, but it just fits when we’re together.  And this past Friday, Adam and I got to hear her perform with her band (row three, picture four).  Her voice is powerful.  The room loved her.  And I needed to see her.

points of interest:

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to have lunch with my husband during his busy day.  This past Friday was chilly, but I was determined to have a picnic (row three, picture one).  So we did.  In the car.  Blanket and all.  WITH bakery cookies.  I’ve learned that if you want the world, sometimes you just have to go get it yourself.  
I love this horse’s mentality (row four, picture one).  He dreams big.
Lilacs (row four, picture four).  Oh, how beautiful to arrive at Grandma’s house with a vase filled with these beauties that I blogged about only days ago.  Enjoying the small things in big ways.  Check.

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This week on the blog: albums & dedications to my senior girls of 2012!  Wedding season countdown: 11 days.  I’m already full of appreciation for love and sweet touches and kisses and beautifully written vows.  And Hubs just called and informed me he’ll be home an hour early: so if y’all don’t mind, I’m ditching work early too for love-time! ;P

Happy Monday!


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