12×12 books, daffodils, and being grateful.

Glee Cast radio is blaring (thank you, sweet Karra), e-mails have been answered, and the dishes are done. Wait, what? Dishes? Done? Talk about accomplishments.

Yesterday, I hinted at blogging about free 12×12 books. It was actually more like a statement than a hint, but that’s neither here nor there…po-TAY-toes, po-TAH-toes. When I purchased my wedding dress, I received a booklet with a bunch of free offers. I’m flipping through the book when I see it: Shutterfly. Bulging eyes. Racing heart. It’s like Christmas morning. A free 12×12 photo book. Of course, the expiration date is March 31, 2011…a whole 5 months before our weddings and thus wedding pictures. (Who DOES that?!) I switch to business mode and think to myself, What a perfect portfolio book!
I quickly filled the 20 pages with a few of my favorite shoots over the past year, and voila!
Even if I don’t get an opportunity to show it to a potential client (since I book mainly via the internet), I’m incredibly grateful to have some of my first year’s work printed and bound in this hard-cover book. It may not be Shakespeare or Bronte, but it’s going on the shelf with’em!
The drive between Adam’s and mine apartments includes a 15 mile stretch of pure country road. Like, you-better-plug-your-nose-from-this-street-to-that-street type of country. Aside from the smells, you’ll also find things worth breathing in like little stands featuring seasonal veggies and flowers. I yearn for the bright yellow, dancing pinks, and warm oranges to fill my apartment with color. And today, Adam stopped by the roadside and brought me a bouquet of daffodils– an ultimate sign of spring (and kindness). How lucky am I?
Chocolate cake has been sitting on my counter for an hour and that’s an hour too long. An hour too long may be exaggerating. 58 minutes too long. Yes. Let me eat cake!


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