living out love


My life consists of naps with my black cat, yoga (pants), and excessive amounts of chocolate covered donuts. I started pursuing wedding photography 7 years ago while my husband and I were planning our own wedding, and I couldn't be happier wrapping up my 6th full season of celebrating love.

As much as I want to be trendy and cool, I have learned that its better to simply be myself. I'm professionally extroverted, but I love nights at home in front of my wood stove doing puzzles or playing The Sims. My best medicine is working out in the yard for a few hours. I'm a vegetarian - thanks to the five chickens living in my backyard. I've read 23 books already in 2017. And I just can't help myself with a good shoe sale.

I'm up for anything creative with photography, and I love working with people who are just excited to try new things as I am!